Pre-conference courses

Pre-conference courses will take place on Sunday 18th of October 2015, before the main conference program.

Schedule: 8 am – 12 am and 13:30 pm – 17:30 pm

Course 1

Introducción a la Espectroscopia Infrarrojo Cercano (NIR): Fundamentals, Tratamiento de Datos y Aplicaciones (Entregado en Español)
Ana Garrido (University of Córdoba, Spain), Maria Dolores Pérez-Marín (University of Córdoba, Spain) i Tom Fearn (University College London, UK)

Course 2

Applications of Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Agriculture
Phil Williams (R&D Director PDK Projects, Nanaimo B.C., Canada), Pierre Dardenne (Walloon Agricultural Research Centre, CRA-W/Belgium), and Vincent Baeten (Walloon Agricultural Research Centre, CRA-W/Belgium)

Course 3

Multivariate Curve Resolution - Alternate Least Square (MCR-ALS) (NIR application in images and process)
Anna de Juan (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain) and Joaquim Jaumot (Spanish Council of Research - CSIC)

Course 4

Near Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging
Jose Manoel Amigo (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) and Aoife Gowen (University College Dublin, Ireland)

Course 5

Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
José C. Menezes (University of Lisbon, Portugal) and Gledson Emidio (University of Strathclyde, Scotland)

Course 6

Topics In Chemometrics For Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Alejandro Olivieri (University of Rosario/Argentine), Roberto Kawakami Harrop Galvão (Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, ITA/ Brazil) and Mário César Ugulino de Araújo (Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Brazil)

Courses Registration Fees

  • Private Company – R$ 600,00
  • Public Research/Professors/Post-Doc – R$ 400,00
  • Students (proof necessary) – R$ 200,00

Registration fee includes the lunch in the Mabu hotel in the course day.