JNIRS Special Issue



Presenters at NIR-2015 have the option of submitting a paper based on their presentation to JNIRS, which will be subject to the normal requirements of the Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (see http://www.impublications.com/jnirs-authors).

If accepted, the paper will appear in the next available issue of JNIRS and will be marked as part of the NIR-2015 virtual issue.

All papers will be published in a fully-citable form shortly after acceptance as Just-Published Papers (JPPs).

A web page will be dedicated to the Virtual Issue.

Papers should be submitted via our online system at https://papers.impublications.com under the section NIR-2015.

The dead line for submissions to the NIR 2015 Virtual Issue of JNIRS is 31st January 2016.